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Click Mortgages is a specialist company which helps people with past credit problems arrange a mortgage.

Credit Problems

Have you been declined for a mortgage? At Click Mortgages, we can help our clients with all their credit problems and look to get a mortgage approved with our thorough understanding of credit issues and strong links to appropriate lenders. Past mortgage arrears, missed credit card payments, defaults, county court judgments, debt management plan, IVA, bankruptcy and more.

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Some of the most common credit issues are:

Past Mortgage Arrears
• Missed Credit Card Payments
• Defaults
• County Court Judgements
• Debt Management Plan
• Bankruptcy

A lot of people suffer from credit problems or poor credit score. This could be because of over borrowing, relationship breakdowns, or redundancy among a host of other issues. We specialise in assisting clients get an approved mortgage despite credit problems.

Meet Your Mortgage Services

We are here to help you get your Mortgage approved quickly. Our team considers all credit situations

Our Expertise

.Arranging a mortgage when you have had credit problems can be a challenge but we have many specialist lenders that will look to help.Your personal adviser will guide you every step of the way. Many specialist lenders only consider clients with credit problems when the business is introduced from an approved broker such as ourselves. We have access to all lenders and will select the best lender for your situation.

First Time Buyer

Buying a property for the first time is very challenging, particularly if you have had any credit problems.


Is the remortgage market just a maze of confusion for you? Do you want to find your way through it and know the best solution?


Property Purchase

Buying a property can be a daunting task with many complexities. There are many different parties and processes involved in the entire process

Property Purchase

Right to Buy

Right to Buy is a scheme that allows tenants in public sector homes to buy property that they presently rent at discounted prices below the market rate.

Help To Buy

Help to Buy is a fantastic way to purchase a New Build property up to a value of £600,000, particularly if you do not have a large deposit.

Shared Ownership

A lot of first time buyers do not have the funds to afford a property outright. You can go for a shared ownership that enables you to buy a part of the home and rent the remaining part.

Buy to Let

Whether you are looking to finance your first buy to let or want to refinance a large portfolio, all aspects of Buy to Let property finance purchase or remortgage our advisers will guide you every step of the way.

Guarantor Mortgages

It is quite normal to want to have a mortgage but for whatever reason the income isn’t enabling you to borrow the amount that you need. By using a guarantor can really help increase the borrowing available.

Contractor Mortgages

Many people today are employed on a contract basis, and there are many different types of contracts. Unfortunately Contractors can often have difficulty in obtaining a mortgage.

Even if you simply missed a credit payment a lot of lenders could just turn their backs on you! You could feel dejected and believe that you cannot secure a mortgage ever! However no matter what your credit issues from very minor through to Bankruptcy, we have the expertise to look to get a mortgage approved!

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