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Click Mortgages can help arrange your Help to Buy Mortgage taking into account all your credit problems, from a missed credit card payment through to more serious issues such as bankruptcy.


Click Mortgages Consider All Credit Situations

Help to Buy is a fantastic way to purchase a New Build property up to a value of £600,000, particularly if you do not have a large deposit. Click Mortgages can help arrange your mortgage taking into account all your credit problems, from a missed credit card payment through to more serious issues such as bankruptcy.

We can Help with All Credit Situations

  • Low Credit Score
  • Missed Credit Card Payments
  • Defaults
  • CCJ’s
  • Debt Management
  • IVA
  • Bankruptcy
  • All Situations

Help to Buy Mortgages arranged for all types of situations including:

  • First Time & Next Time Buyer
  • Help to Buy with only 5% deposit
  • Property Price up to £600,000
  • Gifted Deposit from family
  • Credit Problems can be accepted

How do I Get a Help to Buy Mortgage?

  • Contact Us to discuss your situation
  • We will assess your Credit History
  • We quickly review lender options
  • We will give you a detailed quote of the best solution
  • Our expert team will guide you every step of the way

Help to Buy Mortgages, some highlights:

  • Fixed Rates – get a fixed rate and have stability of payments
  • Deposit – Only 5% deposit required
  • Incomes – All Types of incomes can be used including Tax Credits
  • Deposit – this can be Gifted from a family member
  • Up to 4 Applicants with all income taken into account

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First Time Buyer

Borrow up to 95% with past credit issues

Right To Buy

Borrow up to 100% of the discounted price

Help to Buy

Only 5% deposit required


Repay Debts, Raise money for any purpose

Buy To Let

Purchase or Remortgage for any purpose

Property Purchase

Next Time Buyer up to 95% with past credit issues

Shared Ownership

Only 5% Deposit Required

Contractor Mortgages

Lending amount can be based on your daily pay rate

Credit Problems

We are experts at arranging mortgages with credit problems

Guarantor Mortgages

You can borrow higher amounts with a guarantor

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Get a Low Fixed Rate even with credit problems

Separation or Divorce Mortgages

Remortgage and Buy out your ex.

Got Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions, along with answers from our support experts.

Can I get a Help to Buy Mortgage as I have past credit problems?

We specialise in arranging Mortgages for clients with all sorts of credit issues from a missed credit card payment through to bankruptcy, this is our area of Expertise. We constantly arrange Help to Buy Mortgages for clients with credit problems.

Which Lender will help me?

Most traditional High Street lenders do not offer Adverse credit mortgages, as the lending they do is primarily based around a High Credit Score. People with credit issues tend to have lower credit scores, however there are a range of Specialist Lenders who are fully regulated by the FCA that are willing to accept clients with credit problems and offer mortgages for Help to Buy properties. These lenders only accept clients that are introduced to them from an “Approved Broker” such as ourselves.

I have a Low Credit Score, can I get a Purchase Mortgage?

Specialist Lenders tend to look at when the credit problems occurred rather than using a pure credit score so this is a much more personal individual assessment. Specialist lenders tend to use a ‘soft’ credit search at this stage so this has no impact on your credit rating but allows the lender to understand your overall financial situation. We will assess your circumstances and choose the best lender and plan to meet your needs.

Help to Buy Equity Loan

To assist you with the purchase you can obtain 20% of the price as an Equity Loan [40% in London]

Which helps reduce the mortgage amount required and also your mortgage payments.


The normal personal deposit for a Help to Buy property is 5% of the property price. You do not need to have the deposit saved up as frequently buyers receive a gift for the deposit from a family member which is perfectly acceptable to mortgage lenders.

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